The *NEW* Official PlayStation Thread | Vol. Playstation 5 | PS5 has sold 10 million consoles!

Did you copy a PlayStation 5?

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Joined Apr 8, 2009
Just feels like every Sony stuido is going from strength to strength.
I know Insomniac are great but I still expeected lower scores since it's a third party platformer but wasn't expecting it to be this high.


formerly toine2983
Joined Dec 21, 2005
Wanted to finished up R&C 2016 before Rift Apart dropped but my work schedule has been crazy.

Need to get on that hopefully this weekend.
Joined Apr 8, 2009
Sweet. That's the one part of the PS Plus collection, right? Will download tonight.
Yea it's literally like a remake of the first game on PS2 so definitely the best starting point if you can't go back and play the PS3 versions.

I didn't play th PS2 versions but I don't feel like I'm missing out
Joined May 14, 2008
Anyone happen to know a link to PSN subscription that's on sale?


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