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Joined Apr 8, 2009
Man, there's just an aura from the From Software trailers. I'll never forget Project Beast even with the terrible framerate in that trailer.

Music in that Elden Ring trailer is bringing the hype. Jan 2022. That will be a good way to start the year if they make it.

GOTY for next year is going to be one tough battle.

Ricky D

formerly centex hogg
Joined Mar 3, 2013
Comparing CDPR to FROM ain't even fair. A lot of people (myself included) bought into the hype because TW3 was so good. Unfortunately, CP2077 didn't deliver, at least not on consoles. FROM on the other hand, outside of maybe the PSVR title they released, hasn't really missed. Dark Souls II which is considered by many, the weakest link, is still a solid B effort. I think it's safe to say Elden Ring will deliver and satisfy Souls' fans.

Probably gonna be runner up to Final Fantasy XVI for GotY :smokin
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