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Did you copy a PlayStation 5?

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Joined Aug 10, 2003
i finessed target for an even swap of godfall for first i returned it and and told them i need a gift card because im buying another game...they gave me 50 because thats the credit you get for the buy 2 get 1 free...i was like whatever ill add 20 to get spiderman still a great deal... the guy at the register said theres no credit on the card i was going off lol...they put the 50 back on my credit card smh...go back to customer service tell them i need a gift card she voids the return back to my card and gives me a gift card for 72 i guess it included tax...i bought the game with the gift card and the guy at the register was shocked it was the full value of the game and i didnt have to pay extra lol...
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Joined May 15, 2007
Anyone else getting error CE-107938-8 whenever they try to update a game? I got it for 2k and cod, had to delete and reinstall for both. smh


formerly toine2983
Joined Dec 21, 2005
Still haven't played RDR2 after being hyped for it. I'll pick up that PS5 version
Man I've had RDR2 since release and still have yet to play it. :lol:

Always wanted to replay RDR again but no longer have my PS3.

So this is welcome news if true.
Joined Apr 8, 2009
We’re you trying to get the trophies? They all took 1-2 attempts for me minus the one where you have to transform into a ball. That one took like 20+ attempts :lol:
Reminds me of Rayman Legends on the vita. Man that took so many evenings :lol:

Beat Miles last name. Great game, just wish it was longer. Probably won't do ng+.

Starting persona 5 royal. Hopefully this holds me over till cyberpunk
Oh it def will.
Joined Nov 20, 2007
Yeah more and more I might give this ps5 a year off until I cop. I inadvertently did that with the switch and got no problems with it or controllers.

I am not trying to have this brick on me or have any glitches. A year should address all that and patch it up.
Joined Jan 3, 2011
I want to believe in the RDR 1 remake or remaster but R* has NEVER done or been known to do them in the past.
Joined Apr 4, 2008
Y’all think Best Buy will drop this ps5 at midnight est tonight? If not I’ll be checking back at 3am and running the page monitor all day tomorrow. Need this ps5.
Joined Dec 14, 2004
Can you not download more than one game at a time? Mine is saying I don’t have enough space and I’m only downloading one game so far
Joined Nov 20, 2007
I guess I can understand wanting to wait if you don’t have the system yet but now that I have one, I couldn’t imagine giving up just to go back to PS4 :lol:
I got a bunch of unopened switch games to get through anyway. I'll just cop a few more for next year and that'll hold me over.

I don't mind the grip of ps4 games I copped to play on the ps5 just being there for now.
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