The official '20 NYK off-season thread,

Metta World Peace for head coach?

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Joined Jul 13, 2005
Without giving up everyone, we dont have the assets to trade Book.

Plus if they want to pair him with CP3, unless its a salary dump without giving up much outside of like Randle and Knox, then we definitely dont have the assets for any trade.
Joined May 8, 2012
JVG wants this job.

Why aren't they even interviewing him?
He has a beef or I should say Dolan has a beef with JVG. At this point, I’ve stopped caring about this team. Refuse to go to any games, buy merchandise or support this team in any capacity until Dolan is out.

It’s exhausting supporting this team and I’m not going to expel anymore energy on a management whose vision I don’t align with.

I also don’t wish for any young star to come to NY either. Why encourage great players to be apart of such a dysfunctional organization? Any sort of success we have via free agency would just Dolan to keep up his ongoing BS.
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Joined Jul 13, 2005
^^^I know its been months now but are you still feeling any lingering effects?
Everything is back to normal now, I think. Actual symptoms lasted maybe 5 days, lingering effects close to a month. Taste and smell are back. No more random dizziness and daily headaches.

Gonna do a physical soon just to make sure my cholesterol, BP, clotting factors, sugar, etc are fine.

Thanks for asking fam.
Joined Aug 10, 2003
i wouldnt mind booker on this team... this team needs good consistent players and not rely on someone like randle smh...but isnt booker the same type of player as melo whos just a "scorer" which some people here were never a fan of...i dont think its a realistic trade anyway we just dont have the assets to get it done unless draft pics is something phoenix will take...on another note i am curious who we draft even though that feels like forever from now... still hope we hire atkinson as well
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Joined Sep 21, 2008
LaMelo can technically force his way here due to the fact he plays professionally in Australia.

All he has to do is say he's not gonna come over due to contractual obligations if another team drafts him

I don't think anyone wants to be a Knick that bad but he does have some leversge
Joined Feb 14, 2007
Figured what better time to join the delusional Knicks fanbase instead of being in the grumpy section and it’s actually less stressful. Seeing these two in the backcourt next year would be the first time I’ve been this excited since Kidd was running PG for us.


And like what was mentioned with 24/7 ISO’s, they really need to bring in that Vet who can mentor these two. Vince Carter hasn’t been on the Knicks yet, right?:lol:
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