The official '20 NYK thread, Nate jersey retired

Metta World Peace for head coach?

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    Votes: 9 34.6%
  • B. No

    Votes: 17 65.4%

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Joined Aug 10, 2003
i think im a buy my first jersey in the longest... havent had one since i had a melo jersey with the above design... might cop me a RJ one if i see it in store
Joined Jun 1, 2006
KD and Kenny Smith aren’t wrong though. The Knicks haven’t won in my entire lifetime, and haven’t been to the finals since I was born. But they keep trying to tell everyone it’s “The Mecca”. The organization needs a whole new identity if they want to attract free agents. Hopefully Perry Mills keep trying to establish the new identity.
I don’t disagree but **** KD anyway.

Mister Meaner

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Joined Mar 24, 2007
I didn't even realize this was a new thread wondering why the **** y'all so excited.
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