The official '20 NYK thread, Nate jersey retired

Metta World Peace for head coach?

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Joined Oct 18, 2011
Dot looks like a legit role player and he's already 26 years old. He wants his payday and I assume a real chance to at least win some games.
Joined Feb 2, 2008
Figured what better time to join the delusional Knicks fanbase instead of being in the grumpy section and it’s actually less stressful. Seeing these two in the backcourt next year would be the first time I’ve been this excited since Kidd was running PG for us.


And like what was mentioned with 24/7 ISO’s, they really need to bring in that Vet who can mentor these two. Vince Carter hasn’t been on the Knicks yet, right?:lol:

<-- would cop a Ball jersey

if we over .500
Joined Aug 10, 2003
dot would be good on already established team like the Lakers or sixers.... perfect role off the bench and that's it
Joined Dec 27, 2012
Atkinson got killed by Brett Brown, Kidd has had a power struggle multiple times, & we all know the flaws of Thibs.

The only logical hire is Mike Sn. The east is big, man.
Joined Jul 13, 2005
Just bring back Mike Miller for a couple of years. He legit did a solid job (17-27) for being throw into the fire midseason with this **** roster.

-Great with the media (very basic, doesnt give them something to talk about)
-Made the most out of the rotations
-Managed minutes perfectly between the vets and young guys

He actually doesnt seem stubborn and during his little stint the in game adjustments and playsets showed he knows how to coach. The players seem to like him too. We wont have any all star caliber players next season anyway so theres no need for a big name coach.
Joined Jan 1, 2014
I mean proven vets were following around a coach, that is kind of unheard of now but we want to listen to a bunch of young cats who put up empty stats and never had a winning season in the league.
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