The official 2019-2020 NY knicks regular season thread

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Clyde's southern old school side came out. For a man with zero techs in his career, surprised he said that knowing how much money he'd lose :lol:
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Just a pessimistic take but no K love no Larry nance and julius handles is not going 3-5 from 3, 12-17 again for another 2 weeks
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I miss Mudiay, not for nothing Iggy might end up being an essential piece to our core within a year or two. Have no idea why he can't get minutes on this bum *** team
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Iggy wont see any mins till like Feb/March barring a bunch of injuries...typical non 1st round rookie not seeing the floor bs
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Rumor alert:

"Among teams expected to be interested are the Knicks, who are seeking to leverage their short-term deals and cap space to add talent, having missed out on players in free agency," Deveney wrote of the possibility that Sacramento moves Bogdanovic. "The Knicks have all their first-round picks available to trade and have Dallas' picks in 2021 and 2023."

Would New York really want to use a draft pick to go after Bogdanovic? After all, he's already 27 years old and on the verge of a potentially big payday this summer.

But having Bogdanovic alongside RJ Barrett and Kevin Knox would give the Knicks an intriguing, positionless combination of players from 1 to 3.

Bogdanovic and Barrett can both engineer possessions as primary ball-handlers. All three have shown an ability to hit outside shots. With a frontcourt that includes paint-dwellers like Julius Randle and Mitchell Robinson, that kind of backcourt versatility would be huge.
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