The Official 2020 NFL Offseason Thread - The Washington Slurs Finally Change Name To Washington Sex Traffickers

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I think like aNYone aNYone said, the players are voting out of respect for some dudes. Which is fine to me.

The thing with the NFL though, the players opinion probably holds even more weight than other sports. There’s too many levels to the sport for the far majority of fans or media to understand. die hard’s included.

I’ve religiously watched the sport my entire life and still don’t understand or notice most of the strategy that goes on. More than any other sport, studying film matters which is what these guys do full-time. While I don’t. While most don’t. And if they do it’s not touching the amount of film players study.

Nor can anyone really imagine how terrifying it would to step on a football field.

I can imagine getting crossed up by steph curry. I can’t imagine having to worry about where the hell someone like Ray Lewis is lurking. Only a player would truly know what that’s like.
I think it‘s deeper than that

on any given play there is a ton of shhh going on that the average joe blow doesn’t realize and that’s at all levels

but if I want a true opinion I think you want guys who either specifically cover that team (media wise), someone who watches all the games and knows his or her shh or certain guys

for example, I’m sure fletcher cox could tell you a hell of a lot about Travis Frederick and/or Zach Martin.. he’s had to study film on them and play against them multiple times.. and would love to hear them on him.. so it’s not just 1 good or bad game and they’ve had to do the film work.. or guys who have played that position and can speak to the details

otherwise there are certain media or fans whose opinion I value more
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Nice landing spot for what might be his twilight year, I can't wait to watch that Bucs O in action if there is a season

Got depth for days at the skill positions


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^ Why is that news? I thought NFL games have always been able to do that.
EA had exclusive rights with the NFL/NFLPA to prevent other companies from doing this so thats why you only see EA/Madden out here making NFL games. 2K had to stop producing their own over a decade ago

This at least gives 2K rights to players names/likeness so they can make a game just not one that is defined a simulation type because EA still has exclusive rights


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