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^ We know those are the lasered ZK1's, but if you look at the boxtag it just says ZK1. The style number and the color code on the boxtag are the same as the GR's; I'm also willing to bet that the shoetag is also the same.

It's also the same exact box as the one that the dude that came across the ZK1's at the Nike outlet had, except this one still has the top on it.
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I like the shirts, although I'm not 100% comfortable with wearing a such huge, detailed, and up-close picture of another man on my chest.

I'll probably end up buying with the shoes if they're out there on the release date though.
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The wht/red comes out 2/11. Can't wait for that.
How about the blk/wht and grey/light blue pictured on the first page? When do those come out? If theres a confirmed date for them, could we add it to the first page so it doesn't get lost. Thanks for any info.
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4/22/06 on the Blk/Wht. That comes from curly!!!!!! Can't wait!!!!!
2/11/06 is just around the corner.
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Oh yea...Counting the days down now.
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What I dont get about most Kobe haters is that the same people who call him selfish or a ball hog are the same people who loved MJ and never cared about how many shots or how he would take over games.
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It's because most of them never saw him play, they just saw the highlights. Just my 2 cents. But let's not change the direction of this post. Can't wait to get these shoes. Just one thing though. I've noticed that the triangle lace holder thing on the top is different in some pictures. Can anyone clear this up?
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Anyone who has the AZK 1's or has tried them on...what's the sizing they fit like the 2k4's? they fit big, small, true...any help would be nice, thanks

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Damn no black/yellow colorway? What the hell is Nike doing, they're really dropping the ball with this release. How are you not gonna release the colors that Kobe is actually wearing on the court.
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Kari: Hi, my name is Kari. How may I help you?
Jason: hi kari, i know that the zoom kobe i will be releaing in the red/white/black colorway in 2 weeks....i was wondering...
Jason: will there be a black/white/yellow coming out
Jason: in the same month?
Jason: i heard they were
Kari: Hi Jason, I can check on that for you. Just one moment.
Jason: perhaps a quickstrike?
Jason: ok thanks
Kari: My information says Feb. but let me double check.
Jason: ok thanks, please do
Kari: Jason, i did check again with my Basketball group and our information does say Spring 06, but there is no date yet. We usually only get confirmed dates 90 days in advance.
Jason: ok, that sounds good
Jason: so we could not be sure as of yet??
Kari: Is there anything else I can help you with today?
Jason: no it's ok, thnx for your help!
Kari: That is right. I would check back in a few weeks. You can also go to the FAQ's at
Kari: Just type in "launch"
Jason: ok, will do. thnx a lot kari!
Kari: You're welcome. Thanks for visiting

PS: Have you checked out NIKE iD yet? You can make your own custom Nike gear and buy it online at

the rep sounds like she actually put forth the effort to ask someone from the nike basketball department. LET'S HOPE IT'S SOMETIMES SOON!!!

CURLY, any further info???! please?

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^^ the rep says there is, just don't know when. As told in our convo...she actually put forth the time and double-checked. She says it's sometimes IN Spring 06...just don't know the exact date. Looks like a quickstrike to me like last year's "quickstrike"
Keep your heads on the looks out. AND CURLY, some info PLEASE!

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I got cash stashed for the Blk/Yellow whenever they do whatever they're gonna do. :wink:

Will get AS ZKI also but the XXIs are fiyah too.
I hope Kobe scores 91 in the AS game.
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Damn I really dont like Kobe, but these shoes look so hot. Does anyone know how high they are? Like can you compare the height of these to another Nike shoe? Also is the white/purple dropping at all? Thanks.
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it is good that the rep took time, BUT that means nothing. they are wrong MOST of the time. I have had many of the them take time etc and they hardly ever give info that is correct. very sad, but true. I had one take time the other day and gave me the exact opposite info and said they were NOT release.


I can tell you this...

there will be a Laker colorwar releasing, it will be a while, BUT it is coming and not a quickstrike. you will love them. i have seen them.

also, the GR that releases on 2/11 does have All-Star 2006 on the tongue. we will have to wait and see if there is anther special one a week later, All-Star weekend.
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Quote:[hr][/hr]also, the GR that releases on 2/11 does have All-Star 2006 on the tongue. we will have to wait and see if there is anther special one a week later, All-Star weekend.[hr][/hr]
I've been having a bad week so far after finding out I can't get the DMP but you just helped raise my spirits.Thanks man :pimp:
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