The Official Anime & Manga Thread Vol: 三

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Cowboy bebop is american and OP is Japanese I believe
Nah. I was going off something I saw a while ago (cant remember if I posted it in here) of a bunch of American actors cast as the East blue crew

Now I just don't know if its official.
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Na They down bad and he out here getting clapped having to get saved black leg gotta show me something when it matters at this point :smh:
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finally watching iron-blooded orphans. into season 2 now. so far i'd give it a b. doesn't slap like 08th MS team or GW. but interesting enough for me to keep watching. Gundam's are thing of legend in this show, but outside of that, you don't see them much, but it seems that the focus is less so about the gundams and more about these kids and their new organization. which I guess is the point.

08th and Wing are prolly best Gundam series that I've seen thus far. Gonna rewatch both since I haven't watched in a long time.


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what about a one piece burning blood type game with jjk characters? I
can't get into the pirate warriors series as much.
I’d love an anime fighting game but I definitely don’t want a 3d mess like Jump Force. If NRS (Mortal Kombat) or Arc System Works (DBFZ, Guilty Gear) made it, it’d be fire
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