**..:The Official Jewelry Thread Vol. 11: AFTER 12 YEARS NINJAHOOD GOT DA JESUS PIECE & CHAIN:..**

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Might as well pay 25 bucks for a high quality fake . 10k 40 grams ain't impressing nobody and only has amount 400 bucks resale value
Yall stupid! The bracelet is 17-18grams of pure gold which is almost the price he's asking. He's getting it at scrap price for 900 and even better at 750-800. Thts around 45-50 per gram of 24k.. or around 25 per gram of 14k. The best deals I've seen are around 30-35gram for 14k so how is tht bad!? Y'all must really cant do math!! Buy any type of gold you can but based off the spot price not the karat! If you get 10k gold for $20 or cheaper per gram ur winning! The same dudes tht hate 10k don't have any jewelry at all or they'll wear fake diamonds, moissanite or whatever! And before any of u suckas try to respond I need to see pictures of all ur chains and pendants showing the 14k or better stamps and the certificates for your diamond earrings...Shots fired... I'll be waiting
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they got some of the best prices in cali for 24k gold. i copped something off the main store a few weeks back and it was $47/gram. and they real mom n pop with it, if you don't pay by card they throw out the tax.

haven't requested any customs yet though, so thats good to know.
What shop we talking here? :nerd:
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If the bale was larger it would be a great jp is that an actual Jacob that man knows his Jesus pieces
I always thought he wore this guys pieces since they were on an album cover:

this picture was posted at least 1 time many years ago. the face looks kind of different on the yellow gold piece to me than on others but maybe it's the lighting, position of object/camera, etc. not sure if this yellow piece is the same:

now in this picture the white gold piece appears to have a bigger face to me than other kufis but it could just be that the bezels/tubes are shorter so the face ends up being moar prominent. w/e the reason I appreciate it, this piece looks really good to me & discussion of the kufi is making me appreciate the design again. it was the 1st rare Jesus piece that really captivated my attention like that & I'm pretty sure that searching for info about it is actually what lead me to NT.
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Another reason to not shop with if&co. The earring settings will cost you no more than $200 from a local jeweler
just to clarify you are showing a single 1.0 CT diamond (from blue Nile) and if&co is showing x 2 half (0.5) carat diamonds.
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