**..:The Official Jewelry Thread Vol. 11: AFTER 12 YEARS NINJAHOOD GOT DA JESUS PIECE & CHAIN:..**

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Anywhere from 20-30.. Going to have to make the trip to the city one of these days, thanks man
that’s the reason the price is too high

the weight is not enough to get a better price then what you where quoted
the chain will probably be hollow also or buy a 10k chain you will get something bigger for your money

you would be off waiting and saving up for something heaver and bigger
but try the city you never know
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Yeah for 14k. Been shopping around stores by me and have been quoted at those prices
have you checked the jewelry exchange in woodbridge? some of them you can haggle with and i got decent price like 32-33 a gram but this was years ago and not recently lol... but doesnt hurt to look around...
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Which shop did you go to?

Is ifandco still there at all?

I haven't been there in years
hit pretty much all of em, just shoppin around and seeing whats good..main ones like K Jewelry, Youngs, Italy something, Forget the name of that other spot by the entrance next to a hat spot...anyway they were BUMPIN, hella mfers in there tryna get some stuff, the selections were super meh

Na i dont think If is there anymore, I saw some blacked out jewelry shop i know used to be theirs, but i always ignore that spot cuz they tryna just sell off the old name at stupid prices

I was talkin to my girl about that how its dried up in there now, only worth it if youve never been or around the area..i remember gettin the crazy deals back in the day
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that's completely unnecessary for a Jesus piece. cut the weight in half. this is coming from someone who only buys heavy chains and full size pieces. i could see 135g-160g 14k.

250g is a waste of gold/money
The only way that can be done is if I make the piece smaller which won’t be accurate or hollow with a gallery. I am not making the piece hollow. I may make a solid version half size that’s 125gram
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