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I feel this…


for Lebron to react the way he did I’m guessing they said some foul ish
I'm not about to place my bets behind anything but pushing chips behind a random YouTube comment in 2021 is gonna be a no for me. sorry :lol:

For ****s and giggles....let's entertain this for a second: You guys think security asked them to "cool it" twice before or after they allegedly wished death on his children?


5:30 mark

I want you guys to tell me that's how you think Lebron would answer that question if they had wished death on his kids.

But I dunno...I wasn't there. Jonathan Davenport from YouTube was tho.
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Think those few games where Kerr sat him for Kuminga lit a fire under him :lol:
pretty much. He more decisive now. When he took it coast to coast to the cup on that one play for an And-1, you could see the shift.

Kuminga is faaaaaar, far away :lol:. But his sheer physicality and ability to switch and crash the boards is going to get him some much needed mins.

A young Gerald Wallace in Sacramento is a comp that actually fits him.

Dubs wing depth just off the bench is crazy. Iggy/JTA/Opj/GpII. Hopefully, that allows them guys to stay fresh snd each get their shots in the rotation
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imagine one of your "end of the bench" players dropping 13/6/6 and not even being surprised by it. warriors depth is just stoopid this year and neither kuminga nor moody are even close to being their best rookie Maximus Meridius Maximus Meridius said, "a lot of basketball left" and that just means there's time for the warriors youth to get even better. not to mention, the more basketball there is, the more time james wiseman will get to develop.

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Nah, I have a problem with him getting credit and praise for **** he didn't work for. It's one thing to claw and work your way to sucess, but to just get it because you're friends with LeBron? Nah, that's an issue. I'm sure there tons of other people who are for better, but aren't friends with Lebron. So that's that.

Has nothing to do with anything else, famb.
yeah you sound salty as hell, so which white agent didn’t get ahead because of their connections?

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GSW the team to beat in the West for sure
looking like a well oiled machine
defense crazy and their continuity is the best in the league prob

my thing is a lot of their important pieces dont have that playoff experience but Wardell unlocked some otherworldy **** having to backpack a sorry team last year :lol:

as ugly as the lakers have played tho they prob still the best match up for them in a playoff setting in the conference if they were to meet. but lakers got a ways to go before we can even really entertain that lmao
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this team is scary
probably deeper than the previous teams we had
Bro I been saying this. By skill and talent, they're better than both 15 and 16. Better offense and defense. And more youth and speed. And when Cash is Klay comes back....lawd help em.
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WTF...this ain't it bruh. If this was actually said, that's crazy. Nobody in that section checked them either? Talking about that man's family. I've checked people a few times for going to far in talking **** or being too reckless with the language and the ushers not saying anything to them about it. No brag, but where I sit, you're in close ear shot of players. And that just makes people weirder than usual. Like slapping on the glass of the lion exhibit. You bother the predator, but feel safe that nothing can happen to you. People say all types of stuff sitting around the court. Often times it's just friendly banter, but sometimes it's not. And usher's don't always hold them accountable. And just seem to be ejections, not lifetime bans.
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