The Official NBA 2021-22 Thread

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I HOPE that the POS inbred biiiiiiiiiiiitch who said that to tha King chokes to death on a turkey bone tonight and her bf dies of a heart attack from seeing it

HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not even mad at this, KEEP THAT SAME ENERGY

Folks think they just entitled to say whatever cause the paid for some tickets smh
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Idk what was said but you know it had to be some foul ****. The fact that Bron was engaging with the other Pacer fans with regular **** talking tells you what that Sean White looking ***** was on.
& then when security came, they had that stupid “who me” look playing all innocent. Naw *****,


Joined Sep 14, 2000
GSW the team to beat in the West for sure
looking like a well oiled machine
defense crazy and their continuity is the best in the league prob

my thing is a lot of their important pieces dont have that playoff experience but Wardell unlocked some otherworldy **** having to backpack a sorry team last year :lol:

as ugly as the lakers have played tho they prob still the best match up for them in a playoff setting in the conference if they were to meet. but lakers got a ways to go before we can even really entertain that lmao
I agree that the Warriors are looking like a class above pretty much everyone on the West, but the Suns are really rolling too. I was expecting regression from the Suns, but winning 14 straight is pretty damn impressive.

Looking forward to the Suns and Dubs matching up, whenever that is.
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