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90% of the talk in here about Kyrie is personal attacks on dude & nothing to do with basketball tho :lol: .
I hear that, but in today's times i could really care less about a basketball game compared to other issues. At the end of the day the day this has no real world consequences, so if someone is making a decision that is better for them/family over their basketball teammates it really doesn't hold much weight to me.

But again we're dealing with a world where people get into literal fist fights over sports so it shouldn't surprise me that people are having this reaction.
Again...we are talking about a NBA basketball player in a NBA basketball thread. How is talking about a contract, no-show or retirement not relevant. This isn't the NBA In/Post Game Analysis Thread :lol: Plus his decision is directly affecting a Top 2 team. It's relevant.

Is that you Dredrick?
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He'd be lucky to get 5/23.5 after this mess :lol:
He becomes a free agent in 2 years. It’s going to be interesting to see what these front offices offer or don’t offer.

He’ll be 31 in the summer of 2023 and a 4 year deal would have him under contract until he’s 35. The only reason the Nets have tolerated all his foolishness in the first place is because he’s an elite player. Once the production drops, players who have a reputation for being headcase suddenly become much more expendable to these teams. Guarantee any future contracts he signs are going to have some type of language in them favorable to the organization in case he decides to go mia or take days off just because he feels like it, or whatever else is going on in Kyrie land.


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We need Tuesday to get here bad, man.
If I wanted to read people argue in circles.... I could really go to General and just pick a thread. I'm sure that Dave Chappelle thread is filled with it.

Don't bring General garbage to the NBA thread.
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Curry has no FMVPS and would be 2 rings shorter if it wasn’t for KD.

So KD > Wardell
how many would kd have b?? we can do this all day. Before the '17 warriors season, KD hadnt even sniffed the finals in 5 yrs. Curry saved that boy career.

Then mans thought he was the secret and chucked the dueces up to team up with the same cat hella people said was better than curry. And been stressed ever since.

Curry >>>>> Kd for the intangibles.
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