The Official Nike Air Max 90 Thread

Red Run

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I’ll preface my comment by saying I love the remastered uppers and I’m glad they’re addressing the problems, BUT are those mids lookin just a little banana-ish?

Looks like that toe could’ve sat a little flatter, but that’s just nitpicking.

I’m happy and grateful for the love the silhouette is getting!
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I just want OG colorways that haven’t been released a thousand times already. While the infrared 90 is the show that got me into this sneaker stuff, and I’ll definitely be picking up a new pair as I always do when they drop, there’s like 3-4 colors that never or rarely get retroed that would be nice to have. If they did it like the am 1 anniversary’s (not the initial drops), I’d be happy.
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I am by no means an expert when it comes to images and release windows but since we are getting the official nike photos (although not from Nike) already, does that mean we might be getting our first remastered pair of 90s in 2019?
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