The Official Nike Air Max 90 Thread

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Are there even any places that aren’t Euro with them?
SNS has them for $140 with the 10% code of 'sneakers' that was posted in this thread a week or two ago. $10 more than what I'd pay on NDC, so I'm tempted to just pull the trigger there. Doesn't say anything about them not shipping to US but I dunno.


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Nothing wrong with the pinks but they're def the most "boring" out of the remastered OG inspired colors.
Yeah I seen pinks in person and wasn’t feeling the shade they used at all. It’s a very soft faint easter bunny/Johnson & Johnson baby lotion pink. They’re cool tho. Still plan on grabbing a pair for my daughter. I passed on them for myself especially since I’m waiting on a far more important “pink” shoe to arrive :evil:.
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The shade of pink is significantly lighter than pics would have you believe. Very disappointing IMO. Volts are the stand-out of the pack. I'd have to see Teals in person to confirm if they are 2nd best, as pics would suggest.

My friend has Royals, and they are clean but a little boring.
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