The Official Nike Air Max 90 Thread

Joined Oct 12, 2018
Well spotted. That's good news as up until now all I've seen is a UK 9.5 on End but Nike on some occasions have kept extended sizes to themselves.
Joined Aug 13, 2020
heads up :a real good og pair of 1990 eggplants on deadstock with box and booklet 800 bucks .import duties make me pass. maybe for anyone ?
Joined Dec 29, 2003
Eggplants are definitely just sitting over here. Found a local store with FSR in stock. Hopefully should be an easy cop for all you guys when released.
If you go by again, may you please let me know if they have a US 12.5 womens?

US Mens 11.5 or EU mens 45.5

I don't know what to believe anymore!!!! Is it true for my size 11 foot???

What a roller coaster of emotions the Eggplant sizing mystery has been. :lol:
Joined Nov 5, 2003
All I can say is..., 28.5cm (US10.5 in men’s) is the biggest you can get from Nike Japan for them, which basically means other regions biggest size is..., at least bigger than that, I believe.
Joined Aug 13, 2020
Only seen up to 12 . Australia had 12 but was too late. As for Nike size 47? Don't know, sounds weird, but fine by me if so.
On another note, laser blue same size comparison. Definitely not 1 to one but real close
Joined Jul 12, 2020
Why do I have a feeling that Nike is going to release the LB pretty close to the infrared/holiday season? More hoping that that is the case than thinking that we actually won't get em on this side
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