The Official Nike Shox VC V post

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unless there are two different shoes made, the VC V is made with the BLACK shox. we just received ours today that you can pre-order.
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I gotta say I like the Black shox better also, it is really odd that Nike would put white shox in the add and then on their website and in stores hae black shox.

it would be cool tho, if they released them with black shox and maybe a few hundred or so with white shox. not saying that they are, but that would be cool
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Wowwwwwwwwwwww...They put NO EFFORT at all with the feature on nikebasketball...when you click the link, all it does is show a pic of VC and the shoe, with the same thing from the ad...Thats all...Doesn't even describe anything about the shoe...Or any inspirations/videos...
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There's two different version, indeed. I'm not sure about the shox column color, but talking about the AF(advance fit) version of SHOX VC5, which is tuned for asian ppl's lower foot arch. the tag shows on the wht/blu/red sample VC5 is 312889 111. some body may could help to identify it.

toe box is really hard(2cm around the swoosh). might got some TPU reinforce inside, I guess. Forefoot feels springy right out of bag(you know no box for samples) while SHOX columns provide some excelent transition.

more pics at

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^^^^ that's what I wanna know too......somebody please confirm......

also, will they be released in Asia?
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either the kenlu ones will be released or that poster one,i really doubt they would release both,unless the AF VC5 that kenlu posted is an asia exclusive colour that is a bit diff than the poster one that North america will be getting
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Those are not releasing they are a PE colorway for Vince.
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Anyone see him in the TO game?..He had some white/reds, so looks like he has some new PE's...
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I'm ordering them tonight off of NDC. Have a $140 voucher. decided to get these over the black/unc 14's and 21's. Didn't feel like waiting (and spending) for 21's and just feel like these are better than the 14's (quality and color wise)
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Why can't we get a NY/NJ exclusive color like all the other VC's did when he was in T-Dot?? >:
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VC is in a much bigger market now. there is no need to generate hype any longer.

there are NJ colors being released, but it would be nice if they released the navy/white/red in the combiniation he actually wears.


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Just got the Black/White and they LOOK awesome!

I'll have a review Sunday night... is SUPER LEGIT.

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nate og or anyone do you know if that ebay seller is legit? the black/white ones on the seventh page, he looks it just can never be too careful these days. Only way I can get them is off ebay here in England
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