The Official Nike Shox VC V post

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Although they don't look like a player signature shoes, I really like the way they look. I probably will try to pick up a pair when they go down to 50-60s.

Has anyone play in them yet?
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Quote:[hr][/hr]I like the fit, plus they are very light[hr][/hr]
Are they really light? No previous VC shoe has been, save for the semi-light IV's, despite Nike's strategic marketing...."the VC III is ultra-lighweight" :lol:

If you're right, then :tongue:
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yeah they are light to me, but theres this thing in the shoe thats bothering me a lil. the bottom of the shoe in the middle-inside (for example, in the right shoe, the slight arch on the left side of your foot) i think they made the hump too big or something, its hard to explain
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a few ppl have been complaining about the arch support being overly supportive.
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Lets see a commercial for these.
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Just picked 'em up with the Friends and Family Discount at Champs. I'm very impressed with these. FAR better than the VC4's!
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I dunno? maybe because there isn't much new info on them. we all pretty much know what the shoe is (CLASSIC) and I guess the hype is over according to the Mods.

I would have left it stickied

but thats me


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theyd be hotter without that toe cap:x
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