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Can someone who beat the game tell me about how far into I am?
Just finished the flashback to when Abby sees that Joel killed her dad. Stoped playing when you are Abby -Seattle Day 1
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I felt like 2 was better...

but to me the division is boring if you don’t play with a group of friends.
Yea I was addicted to 2 at the beginning of quarantine. Got it for cheap at the beginning of the year since it was on sale for $3 on PSN. I played it alone and I still enjoyed it, but I play most of my games that way so I might be the exception :lol:


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Finished TLOU2, and overall I had fun with it. The stealth is funner than it is in the first game, and more challenging. I am a ***** when it comes to horror movies/games, so some of the jump scares had me completely shook.

Strangely enough, I enjoyed playing as Abby more than Ellie. I liked smart *** Ellie from the first game more than the damaged one in the 2nd. If any of you played Bioshock Infinite, her transformation reminded me a lot of Elizabeth at the beginning vs end of the game. Obviously the world and circumstances have taken a toll on Ellie, but there were times I just wanted to mute the game because of how annoying she is.

I feel like they did a good job humanizing Abby, and making you understand her motivations. I didn’t care for the playing fetch with the dog (RIP Alice) though. I felt ND had enough to make me like Abby in the game already without the weird manipulation tactics.

My main gripe with the game is the end, and to explain my thoughts I want to compare it to the end of the epilogue in RDR2. The premise is weirdly close in both games. Both protagonists are living the good life on a farm with their partners and child. Both are clearly still struggling with the loss of a father/big brother figure. Both are visited by an old ally who says they know the whereabouts of an old enemy. Both are warned not to pursue it by their loved ones, but they selfishly choose to anyway. At the end, making this choice to pursue revenge ultimately dooms the Marston family (implied in the credits) and possibly Ellie’s (although it is never confirmed what happens to Dina and JJ).

The reason why I am comparing them is because of the reaction both choices had on me as the player controlling these characters. Even though it was a stupid choice, I was 100% on board with throwing everything away to kill Micah. I just spent 60+ hours hating that dude, and leaving him alive would have left me with no sense of closure. So when we finally confront Micah and Dutch, there is a huge sense of satisfaction even though we just ****ed John’s future.

Ellie on the other hand, I didn’t vibe with the choice to go for Abby.....again. I just did this **** man for over a dozen hours and got it out of my system. Why are we running the revenge tour back? I as the player, don’t care about going after Abby for the second damn time. So when the end fight happens, it just feels pointless. Ellie threatening to kill Lev if Abby didn’t fight her was a cringe moment for me too. There had to be another way of getting the “cycle of violence = bad” message across. Obviously I’m not a writer, but damn man. Whole end sequence just went right over my head.

Sorry for rambling, but I actually liked large parts of the story and game. The ending just didn’t sit well with me

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Idk man, Cyberpunk might be a little too far out there for me. I have no idea what the game is actually about but know about all this outrageous stuff you can do.
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I think I've said this before on here. But man after playing and beating Spidey I want a properly done Wolverine and Daredevil game. A single player campaign that goes pretty dark also considering those characters stories.
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