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Last one I looked at was the F1 games and they actually have a lot of changes year on year.

I can't speak for FIFA, Madden and 2K.

What about The Show?
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2020, the gift that keeps on giving.
For those who don't know, Mr Wizard is one of the co-founders of EVO along with the Cannon brothers who are the ones working on that League of Legends fighting game and Seth Killian.

Seeing loads of people boycotting EVO Online until more information comes out. Players and commentators.

Even worse is the Smash scene which is an absolute mess right now too with all the rapist and pedo stories that just came out.
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I've not played a sports game in years but these studios who have to develop and ship a a game in one year get my respect.

You can't tell EA or Take Two that you need to delay a sports game to polish it or get rid of bugs.

If your game is not ready then heads will probably roll.
I don’t even play sports games but I follow a few people on YouTube who do. Some of the bugs those games ship with are :smh:
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I don’t even play sports games but I follow a few people on YouTube who do. Some of the bugs those games ship with are :smh:
forget the bugs, the match scripting in fifa is blatant. Can’t go 2 goals up early in the match or computer ai gonna dominant for the rest the of the game. Players always in position ready and making inch perfect passes like they peps barcelona. Game punishes you for playing good.
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Just finished my replay of LOU. And played Left Behind for the first time....whoa. That was pretty intense. I love 1 off side stories like the female duo Uncharted. Series is so good.

Buying LOU2 in a day or 2. Been avoiding all spoilers, so I'm excited to tap in shortly.
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NHL does a decent job of refreshing, but there are some years they are just as guilty of putting a fresh coat of paint on the same junk.
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The sick stuff in the Smash community :smh:
Yea, they took massive hits. I couldn't even finish reading some of those stories.
Nintendo also removed videos from their channel with some of the offenders.

This isn't the end either.

Edit: everyone's pulling out now.
Yea, the brand has been damaged.
There will also be a lot of scrutiny on the other co founders too.

I hope it's back on next year but they need to do something about minors and also some of these after parties.

Not enough competition in the sports game genre. It is what it is though.
It's a licensing issue isn't it. Whoever gets the license has a big advantage.
I even forgot about Pro Evolution. I remember when that was a proper rival to FIFA and everyone at school took sides but eventually because of the license, FIFA just took over.

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I don’t want to victim blame but none of those kids should be there without a parent/guardian. As a parent of 3 boys (soon to be 4), there’s no way in hell Im letting my kids around a gang of stranger adults without me or my wife being there. Hell even when they go to church or a family members house, I’m asking all types of questions. I also reiterate to them time and time again, no one should ever be touching or looking at you inappropriately, that includes me! The only person who needs to see you like that is the doctor, and that’s if me or their Mom is in the room.
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