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Still waiting for someone to tell me how do men benefit from marriage in this country
She makes more money than you?
Her Family is rich and you are marrying into said family (could be in line for something when her parents kick the bucket)

There are obvious advantages to having a life partner but they don't necessarily need a marriage to have:
She has phenomenal genetics and your are assuming your kids will have a genetic advantage over picking a surrogate (will nurture the children better then you could as a single dad if that was the other option here)
Life is hard, it is nice to have some one there to help you no matter what
She has a major discernible talent that you lack...i.e. she is a financial advisor and can invest your money, she is a lawyer and can help with all legal matters the family runs into...etc.etc..etc..
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Damn this really happened? I had a surprise for him.
I didn’t, but I don’t care that it happened. Dude shouldn’t have kept posting pics of in my underwear where mods frequent. He did that weird nonsense like 50 times. Even in the sneaker showcase area and or in threads I’ve never been in.

Dude dead thinks I’m a Donald Trump supporter despite me always dissing Donald, being highly liberal in my views, very pro-black, embracing the diaspora entirely, & praising Teanna Trump to the point of buying her hat and posting a pic in it that he saw and commented on. He isn't the brightest. He did it to himself. I won’t miss him.

There's my statement.
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he keep reposting my pic everywhere including threads i've never been in.
he's a weirdo and got the boot for being one.
He did the same way to me. He would bring up my infamous #2 in a bag story or numerology in other threads, some of which I was not even partaking in.

What did you do that triggered him though?
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