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Reminds me of this girl. She does a tour of her van. Got a shower and everything. It's rough, but it's manageable.

For some reason I always pictured myself in the woods if I were to go off grid. I don't know why, I like the beach and sunlight, but I guess I imagine being secluded if I were to take off.
her map is so ****ing trash. if u a have mercator projection, get rid of that ****. it's very inaccurate, it shouldn't be pushed in our school any longer, & her's one of the worst i've seen.
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Off grid would be nice but our world revolves around having money. I’d stress out the whole year because you know what you have to eventually come back to.

Trying to reverse it where I work hard till 40 buy a house outright no mortgage loan. Then any money made is simply cherry on top since expenses are so low. Leaving the rat race is good however your circumstances allow you to achieve it
what people do is they work remotely from their laptop
some do freelance
gotta take that leap b
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hell no to sleeping in a car or a tent...working isnt that bad...people are taking their roof, bathroom, and kitchen for granted...

im not tryin to take a dump at mcdonalds and sleep in a cold *** car, while watching people have fun on the weekends
Or those that convert buses, containers, etc into a home. How are you fine putting a toilet next to your stove? Feces just flying around on your food.
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Hulu has been acting so stupid on my phone. I unplugged my Chromecast and it still gives me this message. And I don't understand the message because Chromecast is supported. Hulu support has been clueless about the issue.
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They changed out my hvac unit in my apartment and now it gets insanely cold. Like it used to provide a nice chill atmosphere, but now it goes straight to January in Cleveland.
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