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Mann check this out bruh. (Long read but I included gifs. :D )

So about 2 months ago, the girl downstairs had kinda(not really) a hard break up with her bf. It’s was on some stupid ****. She saw he was looking at ********, got jealous and messaged some dude on snap her bf was going to be out of town..IN FRONT of her bf. My neighbor is a 25 year old awg, privileged, spoiled, rich parents ect. She’s...aight. She cleans up good, I’ll give her that. We got pretty cool. We both smoke so that and her fine *** homegirl was the bonding point, but really I’m cool on THAT based of her ex situation. Between covid and her break up we’ve been kicking it more often. Smoking and drinking on my balcony, talking about all the **** NT has been talking about. Covid, George Floyd, BLM, Natalie Rivera, politics all that. So last Thursday, a girl I mess with that lives out of town hit me up talking about she’s in Beaumont, driving back and wanted somewhere to “lay her head”.

I think most of us know what that means. I’m like bet, she keeps trying to talk. I got 2k in one ear and her in the other. Then I hear someone scream my name outside. I hit everyone with the “Let me hit you back..”. I’m thinking something has went down and somebody needs help. I get outside and this ***** is just like “what’s up” *head nod*. I ain’t even get mad. Me and my boy will call each other at work randomly and just be like “what you doing?” :lol:. Anyway, she come up with some weed for me to roll up. She starts this speech about how I’m such a good guy and a good friend and how sex would mess it all up. Whole time she giving me this speech I’m in my head like...


I know IM capable but she’s already proven she’s not emotionally mature enough with what went down with her ex. I’m not even..I’m too old. She still going on, I’m just waiting on her to finish like.

At the upmost greatest timing, my phone rings. It ol girl from out of town saying she’s 5 minutes away. She asking jokingly “Is that one of your o’s?” “Yes, actually it is, she’s about to pull up.” This heifer keeps smoking her cigarette. Then I hit her with “BYE.” She scoots on out and later, I catcher peeking through the window trying to see who I’m with. Then I don’t see her for two days.

Last night she calls me to come chill. I step outside. She looks like she’s been out. She was all done up and **** faced. She starts talking about her friends, makes some analogy that actually made sense, I got it and she says she’s glad I understand her. From that point on....complete incoherent babbling. She kept jumping from point without actually making a point. She kept bring up some Taylor Swift song saying the worst thing I ever did was wake up next to you and then talking about my balcony has a view she likes and she just doesn’t “select” anyone, back to Taylor Swift and something is not in her so say can’t just say it. At first I thought she was just drink and venting. This bluffing *** ***** trying to get me to smash.
Cliffs; Spoiled brat awg wants the d but is too childish to even pull that off. Also, something about women dropping hints to get me to get at them rubs me the wrong way every time. Just be nice and cool, maybe even flirt a bit, but I ain’t stupid ***** if I want you I’ll make a move.
AWG's bra size?

Pics of your balcony and the view??
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Interesting. I don’t think I’ve drank Jack all year. I switched to Jameson, but I’ve been on Yak and apple juice hard this year.
I'm more into crown myself (Vanilla specifically) but the bottle looked cool so I thought I'd try it. Its delicious and taste like this

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I like Curb way more than Seinfeld, I’m mad at myself for just now getting into the show. Cheryl is a scumbag, she was down to reconcile with LD when she had a part on the Seinfeld reunion, once that ship sailed so did she, still would plow though, but LD hooked up with some decent women, all in all though this show is awesome.
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1987 Train ride to Coney Island. They hit the subway 29 seconds in...
I love watching these throwback vlogger videos on youtube. Watch a lot of em on NYC cuz it's my city but I've watched some on L.A./ChiTown/Philly. I wonder if any of them thought to themselves that if in the future all this effort will mean anything. I'm sure they never thought of an internet video website will allow them to display their recordings for the world to see someday. Also, it might just be me & my nostalgia but damn people seemed a lot happier back in the day compared to now. In these videos we can actually see people engaging in face to face convo & spending time outdoors without a handheld device in sight. Not saying tech is bad because it greatly improves our lives in more ways than one but nice to see a little oldschool way of life imo. I esp love the videos that are filmed in Queens as I recognize soo many of the places & neighborhoods. Great post man :emoji_thumbsup:
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