the thread about nothing...

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Same here, living in WA with strict liquor laws it always seemed like such a luxury in Vegas if we were about to leave a bar/restaurant and you could ask for to go cups. Heck with the pandemic places here are finally allowed to sell hard alcohol in closed containers but you have to buy one food item minimum.
WA laws seem pretty in-line with everywhere else I’ve lived - DC laws suck


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Fall weather means more layering in outfits which is what I'd normally be happy for, but since I barely leave the house due to the pandemic and the semester being online, there's no point. I'm not gonna throw on a whole fit for a damn zoom class meeting :smh:
Just put on the top half of layers. LMAO.

Rita... I use to want her so bad :smh: eh calves, but prefect... perfect everywhere else.
Yeah those are pretty pitiful calves, I would assume she wears heels a lot.
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Wow can't believe that's her recently. I remember the last few seasons of King of Queens she was really starting to let herself go.
She got pregnant around mid-way through the life span of the show. By the final season, she had completely lost the baby weight.
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Might be an old pic when she was pregnant and gained all thaf weight. Here's her on the today show 4 months ago. Doesn't look too bad. Not sure if she gained weight since tho.
that's amazing.

It's the jawline. She had something done. That ain't weight related.
It was a video clip on FB that I took the snap shot of. It looked recent, (not sure though). They were talking about how many episodes they recorded of the show, etc. It does look like she had something done. Swelling from the procedure.
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