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I got descrimanted against a few years ago by an indian guy at a gas station somewhere in colorado. Didnt even know i was being discriminated against until my girl told me

i basically asked for the keys to restroom and the indian guy hesitantly gave it to me. He was making snarking noises and talking **** but i didnt noticed cuz i needed to piss and i was pretty lit from da weed

came back to give the guy the keys and he seemed nicer but i still didnt really noticed, whatever, “maybe he had a bad day” i said bcuz i tend to give ppl the benefit of the doubt

after like an hour later my girl told me he was giving me attitude cuz he thought i was mexican. She said she didnt wanna ruin my high by telling me at the gas station cuz i have a tendency to speak my mind and call ppl on on their bullshiit. Shoutout to my girl
we get those once in a while. but I like your attitude of keeping it cool. if it was the younger me, I could have sworn I would get into trouble more often than not, I was very confrontational that it's scary. nowadays, I just try to stay out of trouble whenever possible, though in the back of my mind there is this evil side that would linger and tell me to break some bones or scare people. I could have manhandle some people for being jerks, but I always think it's not worth having it on my rapsheet especially I do some traveling. if it were just me, I could have but my family is more important than my ego. I''d let the cops deal with delinquents.
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Mannnn, I don’t want no problems with any bacteria :lol:

Got me second guessing when I grab a bag of chips or hold my drink if I should use hand sanitizer one more time. What a world we’re living in now:smh:
seriously, being a healthcare worker is even worse. now we have to instinctively CaviWipe our whole uniform and shoes (sometimes including our bareskin) after our shifts. for more than a year of Covid19, our hands have become so dry that we have put lotion as well.
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Used to think they were damn near the same

Now I feel Pepsi tastes better than Coca Cola
way back then, I couldn't distinguished Coke from Pepsi back then. seems like they taste the same in the 80s. nowadays, it's very easy to know the one from the other in a taste test. Pepsi for me was unsavory to the point that I'd rather drink Ginger Ale. and I'm not even a fan of Ginger Ale.


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Whatever happened to that dude that used to rep Bape hard and then he would go into Supreme and say “F Supreme, I’m an ape.” Or something like that. He had a lisp and on one video he ran up on Jonah Hill and was hugging on him.
He got into a fight
And then he got locked up
I think that made him not do it no more lol
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