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I'd also like for them to push women's volleyball more but c'mon, you're kidding yourself if you don't think those agendas would start to come out if/when the sport started to get some buzz .
personally, NO. just look at what happened to women's soccer. rather than getting support, it gained infamy and notoriety. point being, one driving force that people get into sports or getting interested into it is to show what the sport really is all about and not just a sideshow. Sports Icons is what makes the sport. and that is because how they transcended the sport on how the game is played and not because they have something on their mind. before twitterdom or instagram, Lebron didn't exactly became popular because of his political views, basketball did that for him and his way of playing it. I get the point of people wanted their views to be heard and stuff like that, but it's not the proper medium. if certain people really wanted to be pro-active and talk about politics, there are a lot of media outlets out there.

personally, I never really got interested in soccer. I got into the hype since Ronaldo (R9) and Messi. Jason Collins never really attracted viewership when he publicly came out of the closet. if they show amazing skills and talent, people will start paying attention.
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Almost 8 years old but this is still one of the craziest, funniest posts that I've seen on this site. I really want to know where dude is now.

When I was 17-18, I worked at this jersey store during the peak of the jersey fad. U had a coworker who was in his early 30's that provided some of the most hilarious and disgusting moments I've ever seen. Dude had a few screws loose and ultimately got fired for fighting a customer but he did way worse.

This guy was a die hard Laker fan to the point of obsession. He also hated the Sacramento kings, San Antonio spurs, Oakland raiders, and 49ers. This is where things get disgusting.

He told me one day that he wiped his butt with Sacramento jerseys. I laugh it off thinking he's joking. He told me to smell one of the bibby jerseys we had and I did and ill never forget the smell I smelt. It reeked of death, poo, and dirty unwiped booty.

At this point I'm disgusted and shocked at the same time and am thinking this dude is crazy.

Fast forward to the day after the spurs eliminate the lakers from the 03 playoffs. People are buying spurs stuff and he's damn near violating each and every one of them calling them every name in the book and telling them they could go outside and handle things.

Later that day he talks all the spurs stuff to the back, Mitchell and ness, authentics, swingmans, replicas, and kids jerseys and he's in the back for about 2 hours. He comes out with this twisted grin and pulls his pants up and says "inventory has been finished". He wiped his butt with every spurs jersey in the store.

Some lady bought a jersey and came back to the store screaming the next day talking about how it stunk and the guy that was real rude to her probably did something to it. She took the jersey out the bag and it reeked.

This guy would put boggers on the jerseys of annoying customers that got him mad and got into countless arguments while he was there and never got fired.

The worst part was, we had these beer mugs and coffee mugs in the store. This guy would pee in the raider mugs and he took a dump in one of the mugs. He told me and my coworker to check the suprise out in the bathroom. It was a log of poop just staring at us from one of those raiders beer mugs. This dude would put extra stickers on the mugs he did stuff to and make sure to sell them to customers.

I remember during laker games or USC football games he would just stand by the tv and scream at it and tell customers to leave him alone because he was watching the game.

I got annoyed with this so I left the store and walked around the mall for an hour and when I got back he was flipping out about how I left and he had to work instead of watch the game.

Funniest thing ever was when Kobe caught that rape charge he sold all his Kobe jerseys because in his words "he had morals" and "couldn't support Kobe".

Fast forward to right after Christmas, a customer tries to return and item, words were exchanged, he ended up punching the customer In the face, clocking out and leaving and never came back.

But yeah he was defenitely crazy and screwed up in the head. He was a big dude too and he had me shook at times off some of the stuff he said.

Its other stuff he did that I'm tryig to remember but damn dude was a straight nut
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But not for nothing, I'm glad it was mouse b/c at 1st I thought it was roach. Had it been a roach I might've had to say **** life & kill myself. **** that.
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This second dose of pfizer got me ****ed up holy hell
this is the reason why some are not getting the 2nd dose which is stupid. the symptoms of the 2nd dose is nothing compared to the actual virus itself. people are so afraid of the symptoms not realizing that the first dose isn't really 100% effective. I guess people that got vaccinated didn't get an explanation on what they are getting or didn't understand the difference between the 1st dose and 2nd dose?


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one of my fav moments. I remember having heated arguments over who was gonna be better; Meyers Leonard or TRob. Hated meyers and hated how he got more minutes than Robinson. Plays like this made me so hype for dude.

But ultimately Neil Olshey went and did the thing where he throws the bag at “nice guys” and lets the fan favorites go. Good times though. Miss that team.


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That friend who confided in me last month that she was having suicidal thoughts seems to be doing good now. The mood swings have stopped and she seemed pretty happy the past couple weeks. Yesterday she invited me over to her dorm to watch an HBO crime documentary about that notorious US 'suicide by text' case, which seemed pretty weird to me given her own circumstances but luckily it didn't turn awkward.
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