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Yes, so not Hip Hop but modern Hip Hop, I don't think old Hip Hop was wack and we realized it was as adults, I just think as adults who used to be teens and kids listening to good hip hop, wack hip hop as adults is unbearable
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I’m so out of the loop on modern hip hop. I think some time around the mid 2010’s is when I stopped paying attention to new artists
One thing I would never understand : why Twisted Insane doesn't have more success ? He's one of the best rappers I've ever heard, I mean english is not my mother tongue but I hear he articulates a lot still delivering it with fast flow, it's not something so common
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Both are acceptable in fact, because you feel I improvised while I feel I was Manichean

But I'm not at the point yet to argue on english language with people who speak it since the beginning, but we can argue about french language if you want :lol:

Because french is way more complicated than english, so I always feel amused when, even for fun with no bad intentions, people correct my errors

For example how to conjugate a verb in french (avoir = to have)


Good luck :rofl:

" English is also often considered one of the simplest languages in the world. We understand it very well when we realize that in English there are no declensions, no feminine, masculine or neutral, we say that it is a little inflectional language, that is to say that it moves little according to the sentence "

For my future errors blame the forums where I go :rofl:
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Funny when you learn something, forget about it, then learn again and remember you did know this...
This to say I wondered if Left Eye had a problem with her left eye, I googled, I learnt it was a reference for a guy who did a compliment especially to her left eye.
And yes, she had beautiful eyes. I was watching Creep from TLC and funny because she looked like their younger sister :lol:
Those eyes seize the attention, very impressive...Plus it's not often you see big eyes wide open :lol:
She had so much charm, a lot of men must have suffered because of her :lol:

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Random thought from one of my boys.


I’m thinking about the Billionaire boys all tryna go to space….realizing that you are only allowed to go so far into “sub orbit”…conceptually that’s kinda funny to put limits on how far ppl can go…like hypothetically if I had the tech to go to Mars I would be restricted from leaving earths orbit 😂 (who gon stop me)
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My little nephew who was 8 at the time got in trouble with his after school teacher assistant. They asked him to put it writing why he disrespected him and to apologize in the space provided. His reply.....

“I am sorry because you suck”. He drew a laughing cry emoji beside it.
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You know you're single since a while when you no longer give a #### about your internet history :lol:

EDIT : like people commenting on YouTube or on adult websites with their real names :rofl:
Imagine someone making researches for a future employee...


formerly colombia
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Almost halfway in my tapering schedule (from 800mg Tramadol down to 400mg, which is the prescribed maximum dosage) but if anything, the opioid withdrawals are getting worse.

On a positive note, my coworker/friend Amy came by my house to check on me and watch some Netflix but to my surprise she brought a letter, which contained an individual passage from nearly all of my coworkers.
At the most recent meeting, the co-founders of our organization (one of which is the girlfriend of one of my closest friends) suggested drafting that letter as a way of showing support for my attempt to confont my 6-7 year on-and-off gross abuse of my opioid painkillers and get my body used to the prescribed dosage of 400mg Tramadol again.

So that letter was really appreciated, especially the amount of effort everyone put in it. Those passages weren't just 2 sentence 'good luck' messages.

Again, I really couldn't have asked for a better work environment.
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