the thread about nothing...

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We're in 2021 and my favorite game is from 1997 :lol:

Creating levels and then decide which objectives to put in these levels make them more realistic than creating levels because of objectives. You got to create useless places to make the whole thing more real. Like Countryside in San Andreas, when you destroy your car in the middle of nowhere, it becomes a pain to join the first city, exactly like in real life, if some part bores you but for good reasons, you got to accept it. It is what give value to things. Once you know the struggle you appreciate even more the rest.
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That ONE time I played Tekken against a girl on the bus. Theres was a weird shooter I used to play too. I think it was music based…I know it was weird but absolute crack! :pimp:
Extend Every Extra was the name of the game. I used to play that and Tekken while I was on the phone doing tech support. I remember my manager pulled me to the side and told me that his management wanted me to stop playing while I was on the phone but my numbers skyrocketed. He told me to just watch out. :lol: ******* Boomers man. :smh:
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