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Oct 28, 2013

Jan 4, 2012
I wear sandals Monday-Friday with the exception of gym shoes when I go workout.
Got about 60 pairs right now but I told myself I’d stop at 50. SSENSE got a good sale going on right now and I got 2 pairs in the cart.
Someone talk me out of it lol
When you say sandals do you mean slides or the thong joints?

Idk how dudes can go about your day with your toes all out :lol:
Mar 5, 2005

Report: Olympic Sprinter Usain Bolt’s $10 Million ‘Retirement Funds’ Wiped Out After Massive Scam Leaves Him With Only $2,000 in His Account​

That's too bad because it's not like he even "enjoyed" it. Unfortunately, he just put all of his eggs in one basket with the ill-advised "investment opportunity".
Jan 16, 2016
So yhe folks that handle the property I rent just reached out today and said they'd be happy to extend the lease for us...and rent would only increase by 25 percent over the next two years.

Or 20 percent if we go with the one year lease.

And I was gonna go home and figure out how to sell crack...but I'm open to options...anymore on this "graffiti" business?

I'm finna go get drunk...that **** just depressed the ever loving hell out of me. I mean we was already testing the waters on buying a house...this just kind of exacerbates matters I guess.

After reading that offer i spent 1 minute mad at my landlord people then about 6 minutes mad at my job/boss who was already talking that **** about a 3.5 percent raise being normal. I find out the definitive number in a couple weeks. Pretty sure he was trying to ease me into the disappointment.

**** I need a whole new job. Life truly pricing me out.
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