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Jan 12, 2013
Just got a letter in the mail that a bus driver reported me to police for fraud lmao
This guy can't be serious. I checked the date and time and it's from a week ago when my bus pass expired and I renewed it before getting on the bus but the payment hadn't registered on my pass yet.
I vividly recall showing the bus driver the payment on my phone and pointing out the transfer was made at around 6am. Instead of simply showing the payment and avoiding scanning of my pass, I scanned my card so the error would be registered, specifically to avoid this kind of nonsense.

The letter doesn't contain a copy of the "written testimony" they received, only a basic summary of when this supposed fraud took place. The letter doesn't mention that I showed proof of my subscription payment to the bus driver and specifically pointed out the time of the payment, so I'm guessing that wasn't included.
They verified with the public transport company that I didn't commit any violation but somehow the very next paragraph states that "a second violation" will result in penalties.

I always wish the bus drivers a good morning and a good day too smh
Oct 8, 2002
A mural is being painted next to my job. Its wild she’s doing this freehand

Oct 9, 2017
Part of me wants to ask why are kids so infatuated with the 90s, but I know the answer.
I understand as well. I think people who lived through them are even more obsessed. Even if I were a kid now, I think I would still be interested in the 90s, but not as much as the adult me.

People like us actually lived through them
and have memories attached to them.
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