The Weeknd: Anybody else not feeling it live??

Joined May 9, 2004
Okay so i've seen enough live music to know you're not going to get a carbon copy live performance of a studio recording, but having seen him a couple weeks ago I feel this guys music doesn't really translate that well to a live performance.

Granted i had super high expectations going in but i feel a lot of the atmosphere he generates on wax doesn't carry over to the stage. I don't know whether it was the addition of a band or the crowd but something about it was off.
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i enjoyed it when i seen him live in atlanta.

but then again i was under many influences, that plus the lights and the crowd made it a very entertaining show.


Joined Jul 24, 2012
Put on a good show when I saw them last year

Its a more chill vibe with them playing vibe.
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I enjoyed his show when I saw him live... Seeing those songs in person with the lighting & all the screens he had on stage turned out pretty cool.
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Saw him when he opened for Florence. Didn't do too hot, IMO.

Saw him twice during his Cali-is-the-mission mini tour. Killed it.

@ the Florence concert, 95% of those femmes were there for Florence. Didn't even know kid @ all.

I wanna say, the more energy an artist feels from his/her crowd, the better they perform.
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besides being in a totally different mind state, just that interlude to The Birds, makes it so worth it for his shows... too dope.
if only we could've got that on the Trilogy.
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Seen him twice, he's so much better when he's in a small intimate venue (as is the case with most artists, especially singers)
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Seen him twice, he's so much better when he's in a small intimate venue (as is the case with most artists, especially singers)
Yeah there was about 1500 people in the place i saw him.

I think the crowd might have killed it for me tbh. They were 14-18 for the most part so there wasn't any sexual tension in the air.... non that i'm willing to admit anyway :nerd:

There was just no atmosphere there. No threat of intoxication... nada.

I did blaze before hand though so i did manage to get into a few songs. The best part of the show for me was this one guitar solo. Guy crushed it :smh:
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Yall like and big up a LOT of cats that can't even sing worth a damn :lol:

I'll never understand that ****, but to each his own I suppose...
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saw his first US show weekend 1 of Coachella...was very ****** up and it was just alright. would definitely check him out again though
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Saw him at Terminal 5. So many :pimp: shorties. Show was awesome, he bodied it; minus skipping party n the after party. Was on stupid drugs like the rest of yall as well.
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I liked it a lot, and I've got a pretty solid knowledge/critique of live music, IMO. I mean yeah, I was drunk and :pimp:, but dude came through, as far as I remember.

I saw soooo many dudes simping for their GFs, stuff like spooning while standing behind her lol

Here was the vid I shot. Love this transition:

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Saw him open up for Florance as well. I think i was the only one on the lawn screaming lyrics to the songs (yeah i was drunk)

He didn't sound bad but there was no energy no one knew who he even was. But the transition.....he's what you want.......he's what yooooouuuuu want.........I'm what you need....
Had me real hyped.
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