Which team is most overrated? (Pick two)

  • Clippers

  • Celtics

  • Seventy Sixers

  • Bucks

  • Rockets

  • Nuggets

  • Jazz

  • Nets

  • Warriors

  • Pacers

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Joined Aug 20, 2001
Just started Tiger King

Ima slow walk that f'ery
I got 10 minutes in then a work e-mail popped up so I had to step away then it spiraled from there |l Gonna put some work in on that tonight doe

I mean I have to be, right? :lol: ...But I’ve never had more requests for information or work than these past 2 weeks, I’m hoping it’s just cuz this joint is starting n ppl panicking ...2 ppl done hit me in the last hour like it ain’t late and I’m scrollin, NT :smh: reply till tomorrow tho

I work with fiscal year project end dates and the fed govt a lot of that matters
I think it definitely has to do with it just starting, people panicking and being unfamiliar but do you (or anyone else for that matter who might be doing this heavy for the first time) feel like their are trust issues? I've felt that's been one of the biggest reasons they don't do it heavy at my job because all the older folks aren't used to it and if they don't see you, they think you're not working. Even though you could be sitting at your desk in a suit and tie browsing NT all day :lol:

Sometimes you gotta hit the reply bruh. Even before I had a company cell, I used to come home and immediately log on from my laptop in case some **** came through. Man, I'd draft an e-mail like 9PM, watch the late night game, stay up until 1:30AM watching NBA on TNT then send that ****. Maaannnn I'd walk into the office with my chest out and **** like a WWF intro to all my co-workers saying some **** like "Wow, you were on late last night!" or "Burning the midnight oil, huh?!". Hit em with the Jordan shrug every time and go about my business :lol: :pimp:
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Joined Jan 30, 2010
storm2006 storm2006 i feel you wo but I draw my corporate line at mon-thurs 6pm ...anything outside of that I’m not wit it or they bout to see another side :lol:, just how I carry it ...If this work **** stop I’ll still make a way bet that
Joined Aug 1, 2004
No you don't :lol:
I'm 30 and this show came out when I was 15 and a lot of people in my age group grew up with the show/became a fan of it before we even got out of our college years.
i seen episodes, and remember threads about da UK original, its cool...i guess.
Joined Aug 6, 2012
Can’t believe that coke head Ballmer bought the forum. Between that, concerts and the new stadium being built around the corner, traffic is gonna be ******* awful :smh:
Joined Sep 14, 2000
Can’t believe that coke head Ballmer bought the forum. Between that, concerts and the new stadium being built around the corner, traffic is gonna be ******* awful :smh:
Yes, based on how he’s run the Knicks, James Dolan still owning it would be much better...
Joined Aug 21, 2017
Didn’t realize those warriorsworld dudes were that out-of-pocket....

Should be talked about way more.


formerly willchamberlain
Joined Nov 24, 2012
Work been real depressing since the stay in ****. Roads empty, usual busy area look like a ghost town. Going to different customers and not even allowed to come inside anymore. Crazy times.
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