This Beer has a 65% ABV. Would you drink?

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It's late...I had a few drinks watching TNF/World Series so if my math makes no sense forgive me.

330ml = 11.1oz bottle
11.1*65% abv = 7.2 oz of alcohol

Normal liquor = 1.5 oz shot * 40% = .6 oz of alcohol

so 7.2 (1 beer) / .6 (one shot) = 12

12 shots in ONE 11.1 oz bottle of beer. You'd have to nurse that thing ALL NIGHT if you wanted to survive
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no because it probably tastes like **** like so a lot of these excessively high ABV brews.

I'm good with a few Baltika 9s or like 12 PBRs.
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Checked it out, it's 40£ for 300ml which is less than a 22 size bottle. That's crazy, I'll grab one when the hype goes down, and the price. For those who want to order, u can do it through their twitter, or brewmeister Facebook page.
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