Tiger Woods in a Serious Car Accident. Car flipped over. Needed Jaws of Life.

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No. My #2 FAVORITE golfer behind Rory.

come on dog, I golf near daily during the season :lol: I’m well versed in golf history. I’m a GOLF fan, not a TIGER fan
Not a tiger fan off the course or on?

Why is Rory your favorite? Just curious, you aren't on trial lol
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sad. I wonder if they'll assume the worst and give him a toxicology report. Was speed or car malfunction at all?

It looks like he fell off a cliff. That had to have been major high speed impact (or a crappy SUV build).
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It is amazing as to how someone who attempted to keep his life so private, often has such public folly. His life reads like a rock star, sex, drugs and golf. It's pretty obvious that his father did not prepare him for his success, nor public life.

It makes me admire Venus and Serena Williams and their dad Richard, that much more.

May Tiger get well, and embrace whatever is chasing him.
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They no evidence of impairment at this time and the residents around that area said people get in accidents there all the time. Said the curve itself because eofnthebinckine and momentum forces the car to speed up if you aren't careful.

Sounds like Tiger will be ok eventually.
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Glad one of the Goats beat death .. speedy recovery .

the words “jaws of life” has never in history been so widely searched and typed :lol:
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