True Blue 3 (1st Retro)

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So, I sold a friend of mine the True Blue 3 retro from 2001, or 2002, whichever year it came out.  Keep in mind that these shoes were deadstock as well.  He is currently on his honeymoon and he sends me a picture and the shoe as split, the bottom as completely come off of the shoe.  It was the FIRST time they were ever worn.  I know that my retro 4's from 1999 are basically unwearable because the midsole has basically become dust, and that my retro 5's from 2000 I can see the midsole around the air pocket starting to come apart.  ( The white material).  I thought the midsole of the threes were immune to this, but I guess not. -DISCUSS...
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Its possible. The midsole is made from the same materials as the IV I believe. I may be wrong. But my 2001 TBs are solid. The storing techniques that apply to the shoes you mentioned apply to these as well.
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Retro 3,4,5 and 6 are all made with the same foam injected midsole that tends to harden over time. Unfortunately, the 3's are not immune to this. Even some pairs of 2003 White/Cement 3's are starting to crack. The heeltab on my last DS 03' pair has a hairline crack starting to form.

The only way to somewhat combat this is to WEAR your shoes. Keeping them DS will only make things worse if you plan on keeping them for so long.

Who know's, maybe along with the horrid shapes of these current releases, JB has found a formula that keeps the midsoles from crumbling like the old days. Although, I highly doubt they have.
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Jordans 2-10 are all risky when it comes to wearability as the years go on. None is immune.

Time > Jordans
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thats so weird it must have started at the heel cus i thought the front was tied/attachted to the sole ?
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