Ultimate Karen Vol. Official I Need to See the Manager Thread

Joined May 15, 2003

She saw she wasn't scared when she had it on her.

Then she realized she ****ed up, and tried to play victim and get loud to try to get witnesses on her side. Then she saw they weren't going for it.

Then she ran for cover.

She had to have been in the military

Salute to the sister for not backing down. Trump making them real comfortable :lol:
Joined Mar 24, 2018
America is scary...lol

😔 quick to grab a gun for any altercation
Fear and hate = time bomb. It's one thing to see old ppl act this way because they're dinosaurs on the way out, but to see young ppl carry the tradition of fear and hate is just sad.
Joined Mar 19, 2013
I wouldnt have let her cut in front of me, are you kidding me??? Id have purposely took my time.

I was waiting to make a left turn the other day downtown (no left turn lane). Car behind me keeps honking, i look its an old karen. Shes shooing me to go, but theres cars coming and pedestrians crossing. She keeps honking at me to go so i say to myself, i got you.

Waited til the last second to turn and left her in the middle of the intersection at a red and i could hear traffic from the oppossite direction honking at her :lol:
LOL @ pulling a gun out because YOU almost ran someone over

That's literal insanity
The fact its so easy to get a legal gun in america is wild
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