We know and have seen seaglow results but what about their "sealer"

Joined Dec 25, 2006
It says on the island girl website that it seals in the rubber and helps prevent oxidation, has anyone tried it to see if it slows down the yellowing? if not im going to do my jams and seal them and keep everyone updated but if you have tried please post your pics or tell us your experience please.
Joined Feb 6, 2012
staying tuned in to this one. I have never used any of their products, but i would like to use anything i can to preserve some DS pairs
Joined Dec 27, 2008
I've wondered the same thing when I first discovered sea glow. Never got around to trying the sealer. But I applied sea glow to my varsity red vi and its still DS (for now) and no signs of yellowing at all. Seaglow also prevents oxydation, if I'm not mistaken. But keep us updated!
Joined Jan 7, 2012
i thought that seaglow was already suppose to seal the sole? sounds like they are doubling up profit!
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