Why is Popeyes so slow

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This my favorite chain for chicken and one of my favorite fast food spots but Everytime I go I have to wait. And it's not a short time but minimum 5 minutes and that's being generous because it's usually longer. Maybe I'm comparing it to McDonald's, KFC or even taco bell so that's why I think it's slow. I wouldn't even try going through the drive through smh

I got 6 piece chicken 5 thighs 1 breast nothing crazy and this girl orders 15 piece chicken tenders and got her order before me but I was here first.
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the chicken is already fried and cooked whenever i arrive, i think thats why the chicken taste is abit poor
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I get a burger faster at five guys and food faster at Panera but Popeyes is a problem. So no don't come at me with not being patient for fresh food lol
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Popeyes doesn't even take that long but I'm sure it depends on what you get. Church's will have you waiting on that death food for forever though
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that free 3pc tender and biscuit txt

with med drink purchase has been clutch last couple days
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I always hear that they have to drop the chicken or shrimp. They only cook so much ahead of time, that if its an off beat sort of order, I remember waiting 20 minutes for some shrimp.. It was fresh but how its not 100% nearly ready is crazy. When I say drop, I mean drop them into the fryer.. Then sometimes it seems like either one fryer is off, or it needs to be cleaned, or they have one just for chicken and the shrimp one needs special timing.. Its not worth it anymore
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