Why is Popeyes so slow

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Yeah I’ve only heard good things about the nuggets but nt takes them a lot more seriously than most. Hard to gauge.
not sure what people expect from chicken nuggets…? Would you go to chik fil a and expect to be satisfied by nuggets only? Nope.

It’s like going to chipotle and expecting good Mexican food. It’s not gonna happen. Your gonna get the same sloppy mess you always get.
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Sometimes I want something else but just end up with the 2 can dine because it makes the most economical sense.
That’s my main problem when I buy food, can’t resist a deal…It burned me 1st and only time at Church’s chicken tho, lady convinced me to grab like a 15 piece …That terrible chicken sat in the back of my fridge for weeks :lol: :smh:
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How much the 2 Can Done meal cost?

Usually just get the Chicken Sandwich combo with a extra sandwich. Comes to about $12.
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By default you get
2 legs
Depending on the current chicken situation
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A lot of food for $9. Don't think I've ever seen that offered in the app.

Edit:. Nvm, it's there. Might start getting that now.
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