World Premier- Zoom Lebron IV PIC....

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without the red background those look even better. you cant really get the full picture of a foam shoe from a drawing cuz the texture of foamposite is just so unique, if jmadidas is getting this hyped about a nike shoe it must be that good, he usually gives fair criticisms of sneakers, and he had nothing negative to say. cant wait.
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Quote:[hr][/hr]Think Bron will wear them in the playoffs?[hr][/hr]

That would be dope if he did.

I think he still should wear the blk/gold III's at some point in the playoff's.

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The same regions that received Black/Red Lebron IIIs will get the Black/Anthracite/Black. The regions that got White/Gold will get the White/Navy/Gold version.
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WOW, how everybody loves em now that JM loves, tsk tsk
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My manager told me that they're doing 3 colorways for 3 regions. It's what he said the Nike rep told him. Can anyone confirm this because I would like a chance to get all three colorways depending on the looks.
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Quote:[hr][/hr]Think Bron will wear them in the playoffs?[hr][/hr]

i doubt it, he'll probably have a PE for the playoffs of the LBJ3s... maybe nike will release a quickstrike for his first time in the playoffs :smokin

just my $.02
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"the Zoom LeBron IV makes me remember why I started collecting kicks and why I really consider many of them to be 'works of art'"

yup....i might even catch myself selling some of my jordans for some brons
they're built like tanks and good for every occasion
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Yep, these are going to be copped i've missed out on every other Lebron except the AZG's
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Thanks for all your valuable info JM and KDAY. I was excited when I first seen the pics, but now after those brief descriptions am as giddy as a schoolgirl. Thanks for the info and thanks for the pic, whoever posted it.

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Would this work as a possible SVSM interpretation?

I just modified the pic provided at the top of the post.

Do you think the white and green would be inversed from what I provided?
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Quote:[hr][/hr]The White/Navy-Gold is straight DOPE! You gotta love white foamposite![hr][/hr]

My old high school colors, if they do this shoe right I will be purchasing the entire lebron IV color set. Collect them all.
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