Would you wear an article of clothing that was for a girl?


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I went with my girl to a clothing store (Charlotte Russe) and as she was looking around we walked by a long sleeve shirt that I really liked. I really wanted it but you know...

View media item 1712596The shirt was like a light blue faded denim with white fade spots lighter than others. Material was nice and stretchy.

I don't want to bump into a girl somewhere wearing it at same time I am and have it be awkward bc I'll most likely look better in it.
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If it's a long sleeve shirt or even a tee or something, I wouldn't really care.
Not too down with girl jeans or shoes as they're sometimes cut a little different.

Honestly though, if it fits and you like it, I don't see why it would matter.
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This would only work for super skinny people. Sometimes with clothing, the only real difference between the men and women versions is the sizing and the cut.

I couldn't even wear woman's colorway's on shoes. My feet just aren't formed the same way....duh.
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this is how it starts.....
fastforward a few months, you'll be making:
So, my girl caught me in her underwear thread
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I would if it's something that looks more masculine. A lot of the fall catologs have male models wearing women's collection items, most consumers just aren't aware, especially with jackets, and also with kints since they stretch.

That shirt is clearly for a woman though
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I've worn women's sneakers bc of colorway. Some white/red/blue AM95. I don't have fat feet so it was no big thing.

The main thing with women's clothing that could be the issue is the cut. They generally have breasts (no **** :lol: ) so most shirts are cut with a lil more "room" in the front for said chest augmentations. Plus some have those extra stretchy blends. Also I think the buttons are on opposite sides of the shirts on women shirts so that could be a giveaway.

Other than that I don't see the problem. It's fabric.

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I'm not out here wearing no blouses papi but I've seen a few GS/Girls exclusive color ways of sneakers I'd rock if I wasn't a size 13.

And I had this cold Charlotte Hornets windbreaker that my mom had, don't know if it was made specifically for girls though, for all I know it could have been Tyrone from college's joint that she was just lounging in after he smashed. Either way I don't care it's a tough windbreaker.

But yeah other than sneaks and windbreakers and hats and otherwise unisex clothing, I'm not about to be copping no denim blouses from Claire's dawg.
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woman's underwear is so much more comfortable
dont judge me bros >D

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