Yoo I can't stop playing this new Mariah Carey song.

Joined Oct 8, 2003
Flipped that Donell Jones sample nicely :pimp:

Then it got me playing her other songs, Always Be My Baby came up, then I found out that came out in '95. :wow:

Is she a legend?

Plus she lookin real smashable in that vid. #VintageVagina
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Joined Dec 14, 2004
This song is dumb trash. How old is this broad? Should have had Drake on it, would have made more sense and sounded better. YG sound mad out of place on this joint. He must have got a nice check for this though.

Mariah is a legend but her last 7-8 years were awful and she's doing everything she can to take her legend stripe away.
Joined Jun 17, 2006
My son Young Gangsta on a track with Mariah. Who woulda' thought in a million years son would have a collab with the high selling female artist of all time.

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