Resolved Youtube vid posts do not seem to work..

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They show up as just screenshots. I have 2 machines running Firefox. One running 46, the other running the latest edition. Both seemed to have stopped at the same time. The videos also show up as just pictures on my phone as well which uses Chrome.

But they show up regular when I open the same page in I.E. and the same page in the Firefox on my phone youtubes also work.

Flash is all up to date

Very weird.

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What OS are you using and are you running any plugins?

I'm not seeing any issues with FF right now, and we have staff members running NT on FF for Windows and Mac.

At first glance, I'd suspect a plugin issue.
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I legit have no clue why it's not working. The firefox at my home and office both stopped playing embedded youtube vids form here on the same day it seems. I have no clue what I did different. Both run a different version of FF. But the embeds work on I.E. One is Windows 7, the other 10.

Then they dont work on chrome on my phone, but they do on the FF on my phone. I am at a total loss. So the staff members are able to watch the embedded YT vids here on their FF?

I'd suspect plugins, but I ran in safe mode and disabled all plugins. Still nothing. Just a frozen picture, basically a screen grab from the vid, where the vid should be. No youtube controls. And right-clicking doesn't provide the options that it does when it is just a regular jpeg, so it's definitely reading it as something else, but, not sure what yet.

Only reason I havent played around with different versions of FF yet is because it's also not working on the chrome on my phone. It's a mystery man.
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