Zoom LeBron III Birthday Bundle, READ!

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just goes to show that you should buy shoes because you like them, not because they are limited :rofl:
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^ For those who bought the bundle...for consolation...the GR don't have half sizes...so if you bought half-sizes bundles then they're rarer :D

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Are they coming to the states as a GR then? Overseas GR only? I would love to snatch up a pair without the shirt. Anyone have the belt in a Medium for sale? Thanks
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Quote:[hr][/hr].the GR don't have half sizes...so if you bought half-sizes bundles then they're rarer [hr][/hr]
good one doubleO. the bundle is still nice to have, i just hate the fact that people just bought this because they saw how nice the bday lbj2s were selling. it goes to show how the shoe game is falling.
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my homie wanted to make a quick buck. Then he saw that it was going to release on the 31st so he fell back. He didnt really like them as much as i did ....so i almost bidded on a pair. Then my homie from overseas sent me an email stating he can hook me up for retail.

kind of suck for those who are tight on cash that did not want the bundle to begin with but still shelled out the 250 and then they are released overseas a lot cheaper without the extras.

I guess it pays to wait things out sometimes.
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They were GRs overseas? Utter @#%$. I wouldn't have even copped the package. Yeah I did it with plans to resell, but it didn't work out. I wasn't that mad though. If I knew they were GRs overseas, I would have been able to afford to spend the $125 for a pair for me to wear. But since it was $250, I couldn't afford to buy to keep.
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i dunno bout that...ppl overseas sellin them for $185 shipped,sneakers only.over here we paid $250 for bundle...thats only $65 more for matching tee and belt..not a bad deal imo...
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Quote:[hr][/hr]Maybe now we can get back to just buying the shoes we like at near retail and experience the joy of maybe having them go up in value in 5-10 years.
you almost got teh whole picture. we all need to quit worrying so much about how much the resell value of a shoe is, have it be a week from now or years from now. it's about collecting shoes you like, not collecting shoes as an investment.
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"ppl overseas sellin them for $185 shipped"

That is shipped ems, they sell them for 170 shipped regular ^_^
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so in one way or another Nike pulled another fast one on us :rolleyes
im not angry but i went all out of my way to leave class early to get the 20.5.5's and i was over an hour late to work for these. Nike could use a smackin of some sort.
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I agree with Senator.. if these are a GR Release overseas.. they should GR the China editions here...

I could care less that these were GR'd.. cuz I LOOOOOVE my Bundle... free and worth every penny.. But I would have paid a good amount..just not $250..

I would agree with the NTer who said next to GR Lebrons.. the GR's look like Poo Poo..
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^ sucks for the sellers in China that jumped the gun and traded their China edition lbj 3s for the soon to be asia GR bdays.

China lbj 3s > doo doo brown bday lbj 3s

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I used to look at sneakers as a form of art, now I see it as a gimmick to rob our money. Seriously, most of NIke's customers don't have a clue about "limited" online releases. THis limited to 1000 crap was to target us shoe heads. Why can nike be back in the days when oly 6, carbonposite and platinumposites dropped, It was too bad for me that I didn't get into the game back then but now that I got into the game, I don't see what is the point anymore. Call me a hypebeast, but for 250 I want some bang for the buck and if they gonna BS us like that then I don't see what is the difference between selling fakes. They deceived their loyal customers and I don't see what reasons why we should continue to support them. ANd yea I quit, I used to love shoes because certain releases make us unique among others but now nike became communism
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GR's overseas?! You're joking?! I'm in New Zealand and the manager at Foot Locker in Auckland told me because the first colorway didn't sell, they won't be getting any more. Wack. I got the b'days on Ebay but still want the West regionals.
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I bought a pair to wear and one to keep, but I really didn't need two bulky belts and two tees of the same size for essentially $250 more. If the bundle was to keep away resellers, they could have limited it to one, and NOT tell people to use different cards to get more shoes. I like the shoes, but this whole experience is making me real sour face.
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anyone think the belt or the shirt is going to show up at a nike outlet later on? i really don't believe they sold out all the shirts and belts, even if there were only '1000' made. i mean if the jordan nubuck XII hat and hoodies and the white laser IV shirts and hats can show up in a nike outlet, then why not the lebron belt and shirt? those were also supposed to be online exclusives too. only time can tell i guess. what would you guys think if the belt and shirt came out at nike outlets?

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^the belts and shirts are much more rare than the shoes. how odd is that.


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Getting the BDAY Lebron IIIs here in the Philippines doesn't make them a general release. Not all stores got them and those that did only got an average of 25 pairs total.

I heard the same thing from someone in the know.

1,000 pairs in the U.S.

2,000 pairs for the rest of the world.

Still limited if you ask me.

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