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Good afternoon...... may you please LC some mocha 3’s in the LC thread.
Your kindness is greatly appreciated 🙏🏾
What’s up,

I saw in the jewelry thread a chain setup you recently picked up, it is fire!! Any info on the style of chain and how many mm’s? Looking to buy a new setup and I’m digging that chain style.
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What's up familia. in terms of the style of chain, it's called a box-chain. As for mm, I didn't even think to ask. since I was no longer going for a cuban, I wasn't looking for the thickness but more so weight and how it looked when on my body. from an estimate, I'd say between 1.5mm and 2mm.
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Thank you for response! Yeah the whole set up is dope, I love how the chain meets with the pendant on each side. I’ve actually been looking at box chains recently so I wasn’t too far off. Thank you again.
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