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yo whats up man, figured id hit you through on here. You happen to be in any sports card groups on FB? i usually try to find deals on ebay and on there too. Trying to find as many deals in the NBA before the season starts back up lol
Yo you ever get in on any of these breaks? One thing I haven't done yet but want to eventually lol

Yo i forgot to mention.. as far as youtube goes, sports card investor and psa collector are the 2 main that i watch too
Pullkingz on ig got major b ball heat. Can't imagine how much stuff these dudes break open lol

I'm sure there's a ton other on ig but jist getting started lookin on there
Yea cardcollector2 is a guy i follow on Ig. Yea I been in a few breaks. Never hitting anything major. I usually do the random draw ones as oppose to the team with a designated price.

so addicting and temping, watching from the comfort of your own home and being a simple click and message away to be in a break or buy into certain tips for packs. Lol
How much are you looking to sell the Champion jersey? I maybe interested if the price is reasonable
Find me on my vintage af1 restoration journey and adventures at @felix_sneaks on Instagram.
I’m assuming this is Duke. If so it’s Patrick. Hit me up. Not trying to argue with you over the past bit would like to bury the hatchet. That era me was super immature.

But hoping for a productive conversation. 424 634-0276.
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