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Hey just saw your message in the Jordan seattle thread. If you don't mind me asking where in canada did you get them for 170? I Want to pick them up if you don't miond sharing the info as I am also from Canada. Thanks in advance
That your site retro Grails? Just checked it out dope stuff....
Yessir thank you
What's up any way we could do business? I'm in Cincinnati, sneaker game here is untapped. Any way you could help me out, and in return I help you out? I got money actually own a store well mom and pops my parent been doing for over 20 years....let me know if there's deals to be made ... Thanks
Hey bro you got any creed Aventus? Need some ASAP if possible. Pm me
Have you won a raffle at undefeated before? Cause it says to be there at 9 but won’t be there till 10
Hey how are you? Was wondering if you want to trade ur 2nd lava. I have a few ds shoes and samples size 9 from Dixie too. Ds and most not tried on. Thx
hey man, just got back to NT after a couple years of inactivity. a quick search led me to here - could you remove my signature as the items in it have been sold? thanks in advance.
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