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(DO NOT MENTION ME BRUH! I repeat DO NOT! I’ve known her 15 years and we despise each other)
Excuse me, you seem very knowledge about the upcoming seasons apparel . Based on the research that I’ve done, I believe that the French Open for 2021 will be purple-ish grey with tie-dye. Are there any photos that you could share with me.
Hey saw you post that your not feeling the raging bulls and will "give away" your second pair...I could use an oop on a size 10...lmk...thanks!

I am writing to you regarding those Federer IW 2007 shoes. What size are they? Can you send some pics?


Looking for shiny Giratina-O, Raikou or Suicine if you have spares or to reroll a Palkia. Anything you're looking for?
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